Tadalafil FAQ

What is a proper amount of Tadalafil I am supposed to take in order to get a great erection?
To be frank the normal dosage for men should be prescribed by your doctor, regarding your health condition in general. But mainly men of all ages take 1 pill of tadalafil that usually weighs about 20mg. We advise you strongly not to split the pill.

I want to take tadalafil with alcohol, is it possible for me to drink bear with it?
No, you can not intake any alcoholic liquids while taking tadalafil. We want you to remember that you have to follow instructions in order not to get various terrible side-effects. As long as you are taking the drug for treating your impotence carefully then you will get a great erection without damaging your health in any way.

I take Tadalafil but I did not experience any kind of erection, what seems to be the problem?
As we can assume you did not get sexually stimulated at all. Do not forget that tadalafil, as long as Cialis generic do no work on their own. You have to get sexually stimulated in order to get an erection and keep it for a necessary amount of time.

I wonder how long Tadalafil will work and still be in my system?
Usually, Tadalafil works in an hour (some men stated that this drug works better in 2 hours+) and it will stay in your system up for 36 hours in a row. This does not necessarily mean that you will have an erection for almost 2 days, it only means that you will be able to get an erection every time you are getting stimulated sexually.

I did not have sex for 5 years; will tadalafil work for me in 20mg dosage?
there is a great chance that tadalafil will help you to get an erection, but in case you have not experience an erection for such a long time, we want you to try once again if tadalafil did not work instantly.

Can I buy about 100 pills of tadalafil from your Indian pharmacy?
By all means, you can buy a necessary amount of pills for you from our pharmacy. We wanted you to know that our prices are totally fair and besides you can be sure that you are getting quality and totally pure drugs.

I am 30 and I have erectile dysfunction, is it possible for me to take tadalafil?
yes, you can take tadalafil but only if you do not have any kind of health problems, including mental illnesses, heart problems, ulcers or other stomach problems. Talk to your doctor and make sure tadalafil is appropriate for you. You will have a strong erection with this drug, no doubt about it.

Can I intake more tadalafil in one day, if I took a pill of 20mg already?
It actually depends totally on your age, weight and blood pressure. By the way, your health issues and heart problems should be regarded and taking into consideration. Usually, you can take up to 100mg pill in 36 hours. But remember that you do not want to get yourself overdosed.